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Luton Freemasonry

United Grand Lodge of England

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Covenant Lodge No. 4344 governed by United Grand Lodge of England

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When we meet -

Regular Meeting Dates

Old Lutonians Lodge meets The Pavillion, Bowling Green Lane, Old Bedford Road, Luton on the

 Third Friday in the months of October, December, January, March and May.  

Meetings start between 4 pm and 5 pm and finish at around 6 pm and we dine together until around 9 pm.

These times can vary, depending on the order of business and the complexity of the ceremony involved.

Lodge of Instruction

As well as our five official meetings, we meet more frequently at our Lodge of Instruction where we practice our speeches and ceremonies.

Annual Functions

In addition to our formal meetings we get together to enjoy various social events where we are joined by wives/partners and friends.

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