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Luton Freemasonry

United Grand Lodge of England

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Covenant Lodge No. 4344 governed by United Grand Lodge of England

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Roots of Old Lutonians Lodge 7408.

      - On Saturday 10th September 1955, an Old Lutonians’ Lodge was consecrated.

The Lodge was founded by former pupils (Old Lutonians) and one Master of the Luton Grammar School. In the early days the Lodge met at the Luton Masonic Centre in Church Street Luton and only accepted applicants who were former pupils or Masters of the School.

Following the closure of the School with the formation of the Luton Sixth Form College in 1966 members of the Lodge opened membership to former male students of the College. This did not provide sufficient new Candidates which led subsequently to the Lodge being opened to all.

The Lodge moved the meeting Venue to new Luton Masonic Halls at The Pavilion, Bowling Green Lane in 1996.